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Adeliia Faizullina:
Tatar Folk Tales (2018)

For Soprano Soloist and Chamber Orchestra, consisting of woodwind quintet, trombone, piano, harp, percussion (2), and string quintet.

Duration: 14 min.

Program Note: 

Shurali (Movement 1) 

Shurali is a monster of Tatar Folklore who lives in the woods and scares people with the sound of his wooden bones. Walk with me on your tiptoes and quietly try to overhear tiny magic sounds of the rustling leaves, insects, and even your own heartbeat. Don’t miss the monster!


Sak and Sok (Movement 2)

Sak and Sok are two brothers, who after the curse turned into the Bird of Night and Bird of Day. They hear each other’s voices and wing-trembling just when it is sunrise or sunset time. But they cannot see each other.

Rainbow (Movement 3)

Rainbow describes the colors of the rainbow using instrumental timbres and harmonies. Rainbow, which is for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra, was commissioned by Density512 in 2018. A version for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra commissioned by Boston University College of Fine Arts for Mahlermania! 

Arba (Movement 4) 

Arba is an Asian two-wheel cart to carry live stock and food. Let’s start our journey with the sound of the whip, a little folk song, and welcome to join our choir of mischievous, funny animals.

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