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Nowruz (2023), for Orchestra

Saghat (2023), for Violin, Cello and Piano

Jerlarem (2022), for Voice and Live Electronics

Gold Poem (2022), for Voice, Piccolo, Violin, and Piano

Bolghar (2020), for Symphony Orchestra

My Face Held the Sky (2021), for String Quartet

Glacier, in Retreat (2020), for Soprano, Penny Whistle, and Piano

Lonely Fire (2020), for Singing Cellist.

Dew, Time, Linger (2021), for Solo Violin.

Drops and Ripples (2020), for String Quartet.

Urman ("Forest") (2020), for Solo Violin.

Bathing Sunphotons (2020), for Soprano and Double Bass.

Winds and Paths (2021), for Viola and Shakuhachi. (Starts at 01:03:00). 

Tatar Folk Tales (2018), for Voice and Chamber Orchestra.        

String Quartet with Penny Whistles (2017), for String Quartet (doubling on penny whistles), i                  

String Quartet with Penny Whistles (2017), for String Quartet (doubling on penny whistles), ii                

Soo Anaso "Mermaid" (2016), for Soprano, Flute, Cello and Percussion.

Sound Flying over Earth (2016), for Symphony Orchestra.

Strain to Shine (2017), for Voice, Trombone and Percussion.

Kubyalyak, "Butterfly" (2012), for Solo Flute.                            

The Wind and the Shepherdess (2015), for Solo Quray (Tatar Folk instrument).                      

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