Urman ("Forest"), for solo violin, 2020

            Commissioned by Arco Collaborative for Alone Together

            Played by Jennifer Koh (starts at 04:45).

Bathing Sunphotons, for soprano and double bass, 2020 for #GLFCAMGigForCOVID

Bolghar for quray and symphony orchestra, 2020                       

Bolghar (excerpt) - USC Thornton Symphony

Tatar Folk Tales for voice and chamber orchestra, 2018          

String Quartet with Penny Whistles, 1st mov., 2017                  

String Quartet with Penny Whistles, 2nd mov., 2017                

Soo Anaso "Mermaid", for voice and chamber ensemble, 2016 

Strain to Shine, for voice and trombone, and percussion, 2017   

Sound Flying over Earth, for symphony orchestra, 2016          

Kubyalyak, "Butterfly", for Flute solo, 2012                               

The Wind and the Shepherdess, for Quray, 2015                      

Drops and Ripples, for string quartet, 2020

            Commissioned by the Tesla Quartet

© 2020 by Adeliia Faizullina