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Adeliia Faizullina:
Lonely Fire (2020)

For Singing Cellist

Duration: 5'


Written for Ashley Bathgate and The Next Festival of Emerging Artists.

Premiered virtually by Ashley Bathgate on April 1, 2021.

Starts at 07:20. Performed by Ashley Bathgate (cello and voice).


Night, lonely fire, lonely me, surrounded by shadows,
the fog-like sea embraces me, a stranger lost in vastness, 
light, the light of fire, through the gloom, 
will it be seen, will it be found, 
the sound flying over earth,
will it be heard, will it be answered?

Text by Musa Jalil, translated by Olga Baratova.

Poem by Tatar poet Musa Jalil.

Translation into English by Olga Baratova and Daria Gorbunova.

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