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Adeliia Faizullina:
Winds and Paths (2021)

For Viola and Shakuhachi

Duration: 10'45"

Commissioned by Sarah Umezono and Calvin Green in 2020.

Premiered by Sarah Umezono and Calvin Green on April 17, 2021.

Starts at 01:03:00. Performed by Sarah Umezono and Calvin Green.

This commission was made possible through the support of Joan and Jerome Pucelik, Ronald Green, Darren Green, Edwin Oto, Kaz Umezono, Janet Green, Daniel Sweaney, Susan Steier, Jamie and Kristina Kitzmmer, Catherine Kemmer, Kathleen Holt, Peter Green, Lucky Young, Mark Bone, Sarah Umezono, Kit Hoang, Theresa Green, Kai-Yi Zhang, Alberto Pelisier, Cassandra Gibson, Pai Liu, Emma Brown, Conor Green, Gillian Kuroiwa, Ari Streisfeld, Pamela Stuckey, Autumn Pepper, Betty Brainerd, Jessica Cooper, Donny Chu, Gorton Lee, and Brandon Shulman.


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