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Adeliia Faizullina:
Water. Under. Live I. (2018)

For Mezzo-Soprano and Violin. This piece was created under the aegis of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music and Duo Cortona.

Duration: 7 min 30 sec

Program Note: 

In Tatar folk traditions, dreaming about dark water is a foreboding sign, but dreaming of flying, or the air, is a wonderful sign. In this piece, the character is in the dark water, singing “sinney meen sahenam” in Tatar, which means “I miss you.” She rises to the sunshine, eventually even above the water where she unites with her second half. 

She is the mermaid. He is her love. They lost each other. They called each other through the darkness and found. 

Now their souls are one and their breath is one for two. 

Water. Under. Live I.
You I miss! You I miss! You I miss!
It is dark. It is cold. It is scary.
You I miss! You I miss! You I miss!
Breathe can not I! I am suffocating! I am dying!
You I miss! You I miss! You I miss!
But I hear your voice. But I hear your song. I am coming! Wait for me! Please! Keep Calling me! Please, keep singing your song! I am coming! Wait for me! 

The guiding star your song was for me! Here I am! Here I am! I am with you! You are with me! We are dancing in the rays of light. Sea waves accompanies us. 

Our breath is one! Our souls are one! The World. Over. Hover We. 

Premiered by Duo Cortona (Rachel Calloway, mezzo-soprano and Ari Stresfeld, violin) on December 7, 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina.

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