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Adeliia Faizullina

Selected Works for Brown University
BOLGHAR (2020), 8'

For Quray and Symphony Orchestra. 

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)

Premiered by USC Thornton Symphony and Nina Shekhar, Quray (Tatar folk instrument similar to the penny whistle) on February 28, 2020. 

Recipient of the Peter David Faith Endowed Memorial Award in Composition by the USC Thornton School of Music (2020).

Bolghar. Performed by Nina Shekhar, quray, and the USC Thornton Symphony, cond. Donald Crockett

TATAR FOLK TALES (2018), 14'

For Soprano and Chamber Orchestra, consisting of woodwind quintet, trombone, piano, harp, percussion (2), and string quintet.

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)


1. (ii)Sak and Sok (05:13-08:13, page 15

2. (i)Shuralli (00:12-04:59, page 1

3. (iv)Arba (08:26-10:52, page 33

4. (iii)Rainbow* (Soundcloud link: 00:00-03:13, page 26)


*for Mezzo and Chamber Orchestra, commissioned by Density512. Version for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra commissioned by Boston University College of Fine Arts for Mahlermania! 

Winner of Seattle Symphony Celebrate Asia Composition Competition 2020.

i.Shuralli, ii.Sak and Sok, and iv.Arba. Played by University of Texas New Music Ensemble in April 2018, with Adeliia Faizullina, soprano, and Andrew Q Langman, conductor.

iii.Rainbow. Performed by Density512 in 2018 with Page Stephens, mezzo-soprano and Jacob Schnitzer, conductor.


For String Quartet.

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)

Commissioned by the Tesla Quartet for the Alternating Currents Project.

Premiered by the Tesla Quartet on June 26, 2020. 

Drops and Ripples. Performed by the Tesla Quartet. Starts at 00:14


For Soprano and Double Bass.

Link to Score PDF (Google Drive)

For the GLFCAM Gig Thru COVID Project.

Premiered by Alexandra Smither and Austin Lewellen on September 17, 2020.

Bathing Sunphotons. Performed by Alexandra Smither and Austin Lewellen. Starts at 01:53.

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